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Power Pole Pro Exercise and Dance Pole

Power Pole Pro Exercise and Dance Pole

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Turn any room into your own private pole-dancing studio, with all the fun and positive health benefits that come with a real pole workout. After hours, invite your friends over and transform your house into an exotic dance club... VIP only! This pole is perfect for you, whether you're just learning, or you're a seasoned professional. Quality materials and craftsmanship guarantee a great experience. The PowerPole Pro Portable Dance Pole was developed under the supervision of professional pole dances, built specifically to endure the rigor of high-impact routines. With strength stability unmatched in the market, you can feel confident as you push the limits of flexibility and endurance. Easy cleaning and care. Portable and simple to set up in virtually any room. Add the excitement of a professional pole to your life today!
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• Articulating base for uneven floors
• Stationary or spinning, easy to convert
• Extra wide support dome with easy to use height adjuster
• Screw together high-precision joints, for an almost seamless look
• Stabilizing lock helps keep the pole in place
• Comes with the Ultimate Pole Dancing 2 Disc Set, a 5” (125 mm) extension and a 10” (250 mm) extension


• Height with included extensions: 7'4" (2.2m) to 9'0" (2.7m)
• Height with extensions purchased separately: 9'4" (2.86m) to 11'1" (3.37m)
• Weight: 33.07 lbs.

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All Power Pole items are backed by a one-year limited warranty that protects you from any defect in workmanship or materials. Should there be an issue with your item, please reach out to us via the contact form or via the warranty form.